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ARC provides comprehensive and innovative knowledge based outsourcing services to its clients across multiple domains and sectors.
Acting as strategic partner to our clients we share their values and goals, provide them insights, focus on creating value, providing an information edge to help improve their effectiveness of decision making in business and achieve the desired profitability and growth.
Our research includes in depth industry studies, company specific equity research and insightful reports on macro economic issues. Our research is customized and proprietary to our clients and often provided in client formats and templates
Pitch Books
Company Profiles
Company Equity Reports
Sector Analysis and Evaluation
Market Studies & Segment Analysis
Company, Industry Profiles & Analysis
Product & Value Chain Analysis
Country and Macro Coverage
Target Identification
Valuation of public and private companies
Comparable Company Analysis
Precedent Transaction Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Dividend Discount Model
SOTP Valuation
Merger Model
Leverage Buyout Model (LBO)
Capital Structure Analysis
Capital Market Perceptions
Debt Covenants Analysis
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